Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yummy...Shrimp Enchilada Bake

So, Sean and I woke up on Sunday morning thinking only about what we would eat for dinner. The last time my parents came to visit my dad brought up some shrimp from his shrimp pimp (that is the guy's business name) from back home. We usually make shrimp pasta with vodka sauce or shrimp scampi with the shrimp, but this time I knew I DEFINITELY did not want pasta! I searched for different recipes because I like to combine different recipes together to create my own, but this time I found a recipe that was perfect already. 

This recipe is jam packed full of flavor and healthy as well!!!! I did add about 2 tbsps of chives and 3/4 of a bundle of green onions to the sauce mixture then used the rest as garnish when the enchilada bake was done. I also garnished with some salsa on top. The bake will be enough for at least 8 servings if not 10, but with Sean it is big enough to feed his BIG appetite and MORE!

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